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Distinguished Colleagues,


Bathing in the warm spring breeze, Shanghai is an extremely fascinating city in March. As a well-known century-old metropolis, Shanghai has recorded the development history of Chinese ophthalmology and will witness the flourishing future of the ophthalmology career in China. On March 21-24, 2019, we will hold, with full expectation, The 19th International Congress of Ophthalmology and Optometry China (COOC 2019) in Shanghai. On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to welcome you to our gala!



Since its inception, COOC has adhered to a philosophy of “serving the clinic”. It is its capacity to constantly meet the needs of clinicians in academic exchange that enables COOC to get more and more concern and support, brimming with ever fresh fragrance with the passage of time. COOC has held numerous sessions and forums that are highly praised by our colleagues in ophthalmology, such as the research-based hospital session (including the new technology forum of ophthalmology and the translational medicine and clinical research forum), the cutting-edge forum of Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology, the international academy of orthokeratology forum, the refractive surgery and prevention and control of myopia session, the symposium on intractable cases, the video communication for ophthalmic surgery - “My Surgery & My Show”, the orbital disease and eye neoplasm summit, the neuro-ophthalmology forum, and the ophthalmologic nursing session, to name but a few.


Today, ophthalmology is growing incredibly fast, achieving a better understanding of new and classic diseases and innovation of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. COOC 2019 will, in such forms as keynote speech, summit and video communication for ophthalmic surgery, invite accomplished and insightful experts, scholars and young talents in ophthalmology both at home and abroad, and focus on current innovations and difficulties in clinical ophthalmology, so as to comprehensively reflect the status quo and development direction of inspection, diagnosis and treatment in clinical ophthalmology.


“Inclusiveness, Excellence, Openness, Wisdom, Generosity and Modesty” not only constitute the spirit of Shanghai, but also become the valuable wealth of all colleagues in ophthalmology. Let’s share our experience, inherit the past, and forge ahead with determination. COOC 2019 is willing to embrace a new year together with our colleagues in ophthalmology.




                                                   Presidents of the COOC   

                                                        Xinghuai Sun             Jia Qu




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