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Shanghai, a city bathing in warm spring breeze, is particularly attractive in March. As a century-old coastal city, it witnessed the development of ophthalmology in China and will also see its promising future. It is expected that the 18th International Congress of Ophthalmology and Optometry China (COOC 2019) will be held in Shanghai from March 21 to March 24 in 2019. We hereby, on behalf of the organizing committee, sincerely invite our counterparts engaged in ophthalmology to join this event.


Since its establishment, COOC has been loyal to its original intention of “providing clinical service”. It is exactly COOC’s constant focus on clinician’s desire for academic exchange that the congress is causing more concern and getting more support just like a fine wine that gets better with age. COOC is widely praised by its counterparts for the forums, sessions and seminars it creates within the framework of COOC, such as the Cutting-Edge Forum of research-oriented hospital, Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology, International Academy of Orthokeratology Forum, the Session of Refractive Surgery and Myopia Prevention, the Seminar of Intractable Case, the Seminar of Video Communication for New Technology of Ophthalmic Operation titled “My Operation & My Stage”, the Summit Forum of Orbital Disease and Eye Neoplasms, the Forum of Neuro-ophthalmology, and the Forum of Ophthalmologic Nursing.


Nowadays, ophthalmology, including the understanding of new diseases, new recognition of classic disease, and innovation of diagnosis and treatment technology, is developing at a fantastic speed. COOC 2019 will invite accomplished and knowledgeable experts, scholars and young talents in ophthalmology worldwide, integrate different forms of presentation such as keynote speech, summit forum and video communication for ophthalmic operation, and focus on current innovations and difficulties in clinical ophthalmology, so as to fully reflect the present situation and development direction of inspection, diagnosis and treatment in clinical ophthalmology.



Inclusiveness, pursuit of excellence, openness, sagacity, generosity and modesty are not only the spirit of Shanghai, but also the valuable wealth of all practitioners in ophthalmology. Let’s share our knowledge, transfer historical culture, and forge ahead with determination. COOC2019 is willing to embrace a new year together with our counterparts in ophthalmology. 




                                                   Presidents of the COOC   

                                                        Xinghuai Sun         Jia Qu






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