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With full expectation,On June 18 to 20, 2021, we will hold the 21th international ophthalmology academic conference and the 21th international optometry academic conference (COOC 2021) in Shanghai. On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to warmly welcome colleagues and friends in the field of ophthalmology and visual science to participate in this annual grand gathering


Since its establishment, COOC has always adhered to the concept of "clinical service".It is always close to the desire of clinicians and related workers for academic communication. With the passing of time, COOC is getting more and more love and support from peers. Special event of annual meeting of research hospitals established in COOC (including forum of precision ophthalmology alliance of China, China international ophthalmology and vision science transformation and innovation forum- VIT Forum ), international academic forum of corneal shaping, International academic study on corneal plastic forum, as well as the prevention and control of refractive surgery and myopia, cataract surgery and intraocular lens, ocular surface diseases and dry eye, glaucoma, basal ophthalmology, orbital diseases and eye tumors, neuroophthalmology, pediatric ophthalmology and oblique amblyopia, and other disciplines, OCTA summit forum. “My surgery my show” new eye surgery technology video exchange and comment meeting, eye care special and so on, attract thousands of Chinese and foreign fellows in the field of ophthalmology and visual science to exchange and share results every year, and has become a high-level academic platform praised by peers.


Nowadays, the rapid development of ophthalmology and vision science is not only the new understanding of emerging diseases and classic diseases, but also the precision and innovation of diagnosis and treatment technologyCOOC2021 will invite domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars of ophthalmology, youth backbone with a variety of forms such as keynote speech, summit forum, operation video communication, attention to frontier of ophthalmology and visual science research achievements at home and abroad, focusing on today's innovation of ophthalmologic clinical and mystery, fully reflect the present situation and development direction of ophthalmology clinical diagnosis and treatment. During the conference, continuing education activities of ophthalmology majors will be held, and hundreds of domestic and foreign manufacturers related to ophthalmology will also bring new products, new equipment and new technology to the exhibition. It is believed that the rich and colorful academic content of COOC will surely benefit the delegates attending the conference.


Shanghai is a city that has witnessed the development of ophthalmology in China, and witnessed the enterprising development of ophthalmology in China. "All rivers run into sea, pursuing excellence, being enlightened, generous and modest" is the spirit of Shanghai, which also belongs to the precious wealth of all ophthalmology peers.

COOC2020 is willing to work with you to write a new chapter of ophthalmology in China!             



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