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Shanghai, mainland China's first big city, one of four municipality directly under the central government. Is China's economic, financial, trade and shipping center. Shanghai creation and broke the world record for the China association of a number of the world's largest, most of China. Shanghai is located in the middle of China's mainland coastline of the Yangtze river estuary, with China's largest industrial base, the largest foreign trade port. More than 20 million people live and life in Shanghai area, most of which belong to the han people in jiangsu and zhejiang, passage of wu Shanghai dialect. Shanghai is also an emerging tourist destination, has the profound modern urban culture and many historical sites, today has developed into an international metropolis of Shanghai. And is committed to building an international financial center and shipping center.


The eight sights in Shanghai

1. Back on the bund (the bund area)

The bund of Shanghai municipal government to binjiang district on a large scale transformation, both completely retained the original style and features, the bund and clever use of flood prevention wall facilities built riverside sightseeing platform, and "the people's heroes monument in Shanghai", "the bund history memorial hall", "Chen yi square", "music fountain" and other buildings of different styles and relief, and panoramic landscape architecture lighting and large art light show and pujiang rides.



2. Yuyuan garden (Yuyuan garden residences)

Shanghai yuyuan tourist area is the birthplace of residences, in recent years gradually formed in yuyuan garden, Shanghai yuyuan, yulong fang, Shanghai old street, the city god temple as the center of the scenic spots, such as folk craft, Shanghai, and the national characteristics snacks, Shanghai local culture and folk culture in the rapid development of Shanghai citizens festival temple fair.


3. Lujiazui area

Lujiazui famous dry because it sounded the horn of development in the pudong new area, also because of the Oriental pearl TV tower and jinmao tower, world financial center, the world-famous buildings and landscape, but also because has many such as Shanghai ocean aquarium in lujiazui, Shanghai nature wild insects pavilion and other highly ornamental value and participate in the value of the scenic spot.


4. In the old new fai (shikumen)

Shikumen buildings area includes a big site of the communist party of China and Xin tian di.


5. Ten mile of neon (Ten mile of Nanjing road)

From the bund, east to west. One of the most representative road, nanjing road in Shanghai.


6. Sheshan Pick up emerald green (Sheshan resort)

The sheshan scenic beautiful scenery, There is well-known Sheshan Notre Dame basilica known in the world, their level is high, the grandeur of building the first cathedral to southeast Asia, and also is sheshan landmarks; Sheshan observatory, built in the qing guangxu 24 years, is one of the largest and earliest observatory building in China.


7. Fengjing find painting (Fengjing ancient town)

Fengjing ancient town\ Farmers painting village



8. The beautiful scenery around Dianshan lake (Ring Dianshan lake tourist area)

The ancient town of zhujiajiao,Chen yun's former residence,Shanghai grand view garden tourism development co., LTD,Oriental Land,Sun island resort.



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