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1.Ophthalmology continuing education courses
(national continuing education I class credits 10 points)
Gathered many countries continue to education projects, set the essence of the progress in every field of ophthalmology, show the new technology of ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment.
Include: specification and the new progress of diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, vitreous retinal surgery, vitreous retinal disease related auxiliary examination, clinical prevention and treatment of myopia, and laser surgery, lens and progress of diagnosis and treatment of disease, diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface disease progress, old mechanism and comprehensive treatment, diagnosis and treatment of orbital BingYan tumor progress, oblique amblyopia diagnosis and new progress.
Before enrolment: online registration. (click on the left side of the representatives of the "registration")
Pre-registration:                                Online (Please visit the official website)
Date of Courses:                                Mar.23-25, 2018
Date of Registration:                         Mar.22, 2018              
Deadline: Pre-registration & payment: Mar.10, 20178
Registration Fee of Ophthalmology continuing education course
  1. Registered Exhibitors/Delegates for COOC2018 should pay only RMB200/person
  2. Other Un-registered Delegates interested only in attending these courses should pay RMB1100/person. 
2.Cross Stage for Different Opthalmology Scientific Fields
Open course cross the characteristic feature of the venue, invitation of neuroscience, image of cross subjects such as science, material science, experts on expanding ophthalmologist horizons, while seeking cooperation between cross disciplines.
3.The latest News of Main Global Opthalmology & Optometry Magazines
Organizer will invite the editors from main ophthalmology & optometry magazines to render speeches so as to analyze and summarize previous year’s THESIS on these related magazines. It will assist delegates to acquire international advanced techniques and clinical researches, understanding the international vision.
4.Onsite Consultation for cases on incurable Diseases:
All the incurable diseases cases will make trouble for Doctors, how to do? These questions could be discussed by professors on the Incurable Diseases Cases Consultation. Well-known experts will analyze all these cases and it will let delegates attain more experiences, widen their vision.
5.The 5rd International Academy of Orthokeratology Forum
       The forum will display all fields of orthokeratology and special connected lens and its advanced techniques. Please visit our official website for more detailed information.
During the Congress, organizer will invite over 100 exhibitors to display the latest opthalmology & optometry equipments and medicines on site. Delegates have chances to learn the latest information and techniques related to this industry. The important part of Continuation Education Courses will provide a chance to visit and communicate with all exhibitors and delegates. The exhibition ‘COOC’ will be held on March 23—25at Shanghai Exhibition & Convention Center on the 2nd Floor.


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