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1. The video communication for ophthalmic surgery - “My Surgery & My Show”
The accurate diagnosis of complex diseases is certainly admirable, but the successful treatment is the key. A large number of ophthalmic diseases need surgical treatment, and many ophthalmic experts are proficient in various kinds of surgeries. Through 15 amazing surgery videos, we will demonstrate not only the healing hands of experts, but also the innovative thinking and exploring spirit.
2. We will hold sessions in terms of prevention and control of myopia, glaucoma, cataract surgery and artificial lens, ocular surface disease, refractive surgery, oblique amblyopia and pediatric ophthalmology, OCT angiography (OCTA), and neuro-ophthalmology,Neuroophthalmology, orbital diseases and eye tumors, dry eye diseases diagnosis and treatment features.
Domestic and overseas experts and famous doctors in ophthalmology will gather together to share the information on the state-of-the-art technologies and express their opinions on the new technologies and new therapies in various professional fields.


3.Annual Meeting of the Ophthalmological and Visual Science Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital Society

Establishment of China Ophthalmological Precision Medical Union Forum and China International Forum on the Transformation and Innovation of Ophthalmology and Visual Science (VIT Forum), and full exchange and heated discussion on the research progress of major directions of Ophthalmology and vision, as well as research cooperation and cross-cutting in closely related fields of ophthalmology. The forum integrates all forces of the industry, insights into all perspectives of the industry, strengthens the integration of medical research enterprises, and injects new impetus into the development of Ophthalmology innovation.


4. The 7th International Academy of Orthokeratology Forum

The forum will demonstrate the advanced techniques in major fields of orthokeratology and special connected lens. Please visit our conference website for more detailed information. 


5. The ophthalmologic nursing session

Representing the highest level of ophthalmologic nursing in China, well-known experts and scholars will introduce the new development of ophthalmologic nursing, the scientific trends, the discussion on cutting-edge topics, and the thesis presentation. 


6. Ophthalmology continuing education classes (national continuing education class I, credits 10 points)

The classes will gather many national continuing education projects, integrate the essence of the progress in various fields of ophthalmology, and demonstrate new technologies in ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment. 



the specification and the new progress of diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma;

the progress of diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface disease;

the progress of presbyopia mechanism and comprehensive treatment;

the new progress of oblique amblyopia diagnosis and treatment;

the progress of diagnosis and treatment of lens; and

the progress of diagnosis and treatment of ocular fundus diseases.


Pre-registration: Online. (Please visit the conference website for “Conference Registration”)

Date of Registration: Sep. 17, 2020

Date of Attendance:Sep. 18-20,  2020

Deadline of Pre-registration and Payment: Sep. 11,  2020

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